Welcome to the Best-Way-To-Recycle (BWTR) company pages

We make flying scale models of airplanes from empty aluminum cans, and while it sounds unusual, check the results of our work in the pages of our gallery. We’re confident you’ll see they look good and the videos show that they fly great. All this leads to our company motto: “Can Do!”

You can acquire an airplane in either of two ways. We supply them fully built, outfitted, and Ready-to-Fly, which includes a maiden check-out flight at the factory! You only need to add a receiver.

As an alternative, you can scratch-build your own “Canscale” model using factory blueprints and following our How-To instructional DVD. Construction can be done without the need of any power tools, except perhaps a drill. You can use your choice of beverage for construction skins and refreshment!! Factory help will be made available if you choose this option.